The Squirrel in the Garden

Looking out the window,

Staring back at me,

Was a curious animal,

It made me jump you see.


Wonder what he’s thinking,

Don’t know what he’d do,

Does he have a family?

Will they visit too?


Standing tall and slender,

Will he move or not?

Will he make a run for it?

Or stay frozen to the spot.


He doesn’t move a muscle,

His tail pulled in tight,

I only moved a little,

And he ran away in fright.


He jumped upon the table,

Then climbed upon the fence,

By the time he reached the roof top,

He was looking rather tense.


His eyes as big as saucers,

He spots himself a meal,

He scampers on the bird house,

And began to make a steal,


Wonder where he comes from?

Wonder where he lives?

A very cheeky fellow,

With a great initiative.


Filled with all the nuts and seeds

It’s time for him to go

He springs around the garden

Putting on quite a show


He stands upon the dustbin

And turns to look at me

Then bounds into the distance

And vanishes up a tree


Wonder where he’s gone to?

Wonder if he’s ok?

I thank him for his visit,

‘cos it brightened up my day.