A Poem inspired from working with my Life Coach, Denise Jacques, Azimuth Life Coaching




It was through the help and assistance of my Life Coach Denise Jacques, Azimuth Life Coaching  that has helped kick start my writing career by publishing my first ever book, grasping my dream with both hands and reaching my life goal, it has had a huge and positive impact on my life and helped to improve my lifestyle dramatically, she assisted me by giving me the opportunities to stretch myself and reach valuable life goals. She has shown me that I CAN achieve anything I want to if I really want it enough and you can do the same. Just follow the link below and I know she'd be more than happy to help.







 Life Coach

One day I made a Phone call,

to a stranger I didn’t know,

I needed to make some changes,

for my mood was very low.


After introductions,

I was made to feel at ease,

the rest of the conversation,

just flowed like a breeze.


When all I saw was darkness,

I was shown a light,

this gave me hope and happiness,

and made my life feel bright.


At a time when I felt lost,

and all I did was doubt,

the wisdom that was given,

gave me new things to try out.


And now my journey has begun,

a new path I have took,

my life coach has empowered me,

to take a second look.


I’m glad I made that phone call,

‘cos with a friendly touch,

now I feel so positive,

my life has changed so much.