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Website 3. Jul, 2018


You learn more from failure than from success. Don't let it stop you. Failure builds character.

Website 28. Jun, 2018


A work ill done must be twice done.

26. Aug, 2015


Hi Mrs Yorke im all ready missing you keep writing poetry's I love them

3. Mar, 2014


see you at school tomorow. p.s i love your poetry. .
. ]

3. Mar, 2014

lucy -may

i hope you come up with lots more poems!

3. Mar, 2014

lucy -may

i like the poem about the sqwirel!

2. Mar, 2014


Mrs Yorke I love all your poems

23. Feb, 2014


Hi mrs yorke you are amazing at poetrys keep writing them I love them but the one like is the squrirrel one

26. Nov, 2013

Tracy Calrke

Well done Rach. Just follow your heart and it will be successful. I ve never been friend with someone famous, remind me to get your autograph next time I see you. xx

22. Nov, 2013

Sue Williams

Great book. Love it. Can't wait for the follow up. Well done.

22. Nov, 2013

linda harris

well done Rachel its brilliant poetry loved it xx

22. Jul, 2013

dawn nicholson

omg rach this is amazing where have you been hiding this marvelous talent n gift from us all keep it up darl n well done you love yr old friend dawn xx

8. Jul, 2013


Hello mrs Yorke you are a great poet

28. Jun, 2013


Hi im bob im a goldfish and a goldfish has a mermory of .... hi im bob im a goldfish and a goldfish has a memory of a ....

28. Jun, 2013


Mrs yorke your poems are amazing !! See you in school tommorow

11. Jun, 2013


I am always astonished by your energy and talents. Wishing you every success with your interests.

Website 7. Jun, 2013


How honoured am I to be featured twice!

7. Jun, 2013


They are brilliant Rach, wow!!!