A Poem Dedicated to My Husbands Granny,

Freda Hope.

I wrote this poem to describe all the great memories we all had for Freda. 

Emotions they are raw today,
We’re simply torn apart,
For hollow wrenching feelings,
tear apart our very hearts.

Freda wouldn’t want this,
she’d want to reminisce,
remembering all the good times,
... full of joy and bliss.

From dancing in the Co-op hall,
to crosswords in her chair,
Freda had much love to give,
there was so much to share.

She enjoyed the challenge of a quiz,
with a head so full of knowledge,
some say the reason for this gift,
was a daily bowl of porridge.

For everyone who knew her,
she always had a smile,
for those who really loved her,
you would go the extra mile.

So take away your memories,
and store them in your heart,
we all have our own reasons,
to never let them part.

The time has come for me to say,
we know you’ll never leave us,
but Freda Hope we love you,
each one and all between us.