For you both


Your both so very special,

and loved by all your friends,

we're glad to share your journey,

until the very day life ends.


There will be days of happiness,

and sometimes they'll be sad,

but with your very special friends,

life won't be all that bad.


We cannot promise the best in life,

nor riches, wealth or gold

but really the important thing,

is to be together growing old.


In your life you've both been hurt,

and had to face tough times,

but now your strength together,

can tackle almost all of life's worst crimes.


It's from that moment you first met,

your love was at first sight,

you both just had that feeling,

that it was OH so very right!


and as you take each others hand,

and walk along in life,

together hearts will strengthen,

as a husband and a wife.