The Jungle

Short, tall trees may grow.

Animals live in their house below.                                           

Bushes wave in the breeze,                                        

Smelling all the blossomy trees.

Monkeys chomping on their food.

Will they share?

No they’re rude!                                      


                                          By Summer M       







In Class

We all had literacy together as a class,

they were handing out the books but they left me last.

I got out my pencil,

someone snatched it out my hand,

I told the teacher, but they didn't understand.

Someone told me to go to a different place,

but I'm original and can't be replaced.

Evie Aged 10


Food Waste

2.5 Million children die every year

this is something that everyone must hear

the starving people are very sad

THe people that waste food must be mad!


Lots of children are upset

this is something no one should let

the people that are to blame

don't deserve the fame!


Every child should get their share

the way it's going it's just not fair

every person needs food to taste

we need to stop this useless food waste!


Sophie Aged 9


A friend is a special person in so many ways,

She is always ready to listen,

her heart is gold and her kindness means alot.

She is caring, trustworthy and dependable,

She makes me smile everyday in whatever situation I am in,

She is a shiny red ruby,

I am grateful to have a precious friend like her.

Lamees Age 10

F riendship is very important,

R aining showers of love, kindness and happiness,

ngraving the happiness in your heart,

E ating away sadness and hatred, so remember,

N ever let go of your helpful hand,

D  on't say things that you'll regret, because

S  ometimes being a friend is the best thing you can ever be.

Hannah Age 10

The underwear elephant


The elephant that's over there,

is wearing spotty underwear.

Haha big guy

did you even realise?

by Mia aged 9


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