The Mary Ann Evans Hospice


I know a team of hardworking staff,

 Including volunteers,

Who help provide support and care

And give more than wiping tears.


A team with dedication,

understanding and intuition,

Who give more to help bring comfort

And take time to stop and listen.


Whether at home or at the hospice,

The care is always there.

For families, carers and all involved,

The support is there to share.


No one can add the days on,

Life’s journeys are unique

But hospice staff can help support,

your each and every week.


No matter what your needs are,

Or how you are affected.

The hospice has a place for you,

And you’ll always be respected


But for them to even do this

And provide it all for free,

Fifteen hundred pounds a day

Needs raising urgently!


That’s why I want my royalties,

Of my first ever published book,

To go to help the Hospice,

So come on, take a look!