My brother is disgusting



My brother is disgusting.

He really takes the mick.

If I told you what he does,

You’d soon be feeling sick.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you choose to carry on,

Being that your still reading,

I’ll tell you about our John.


He puts his bogies in a bag

And sells them for a pound.

He says they’re rubber bullets,

That goes off without a sound.


Ear wax is his favourite,

He collects it in a jar,

He admires the different colours,

It’s really quite bizarre.


The cheese he finds between his toes,

He collects in an old shoe.

I promise I’m not lying,

Honest it’s all true!


So if you stay at our house,

Be warned he’ll have yours to.

Ya bogies and your ear wax

And ya toe cheese in his shoe.