The Lolly in the freezer


My lolly’s in the freezer,

I can have it after tea.

Ummmm my favourite flavour,

Chocolate and raspberry.


But first I have to tackle,

The food in front of me.

Errrrr the yuckiest grub ever,

Is a plate of veg you see.


I can visualise my lolly,

All yummy soft and nice.

My mouth begins to water,

I can almost taste the raspberry ice.


Squinting with one eye,

I sit back in my chair,

I sigh with disappointment,

Eating veg is so not fair!


I can almost taste the yummy lolly,

My mouth begins to drool.

The smell of frozen chocolate

And raspberry are so cool.


Now I look down at my plate

And place my head into my hands,

The disappointment stays upon my face,

Cos the veggie rule still stands


Can’t wait to hold my lolly

And see it on its stick.

Breathe in the cold aroma,

Before going in for my first lick.





So holding my nose tightly,

I eat the veggies quick.

The more I shovel down my throat,

The more I feel sick.


Racing to the freezer,

I was feeling kind of jolly,

Searching through the ice-creams,

To find my favourite lolly.


Tearing off the wrapper,

I’ve waited for so long.

I really don’t feel hungry,

Is that so very wrong?